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Our Story

After meeting leaders of the CX and Contact Centre Industry Committees and comparing stories, it was clear we had a similar request from clients to have an available pool of pre-skilled staff who could scale up high-quality services rapidly.

Without a holistic one-stop rapid response contact centre service offering in Australia, we decided to establish Rapid Response Care, an aggregator of services that can bring the best talent from the industry together.

Clients can now access a one-stop location for rapid response contingency services. Using the best contact centre recruitment companies and our proven specialist skills, processes and technology we now have a quality, holistic solution within hours.

We care about the Contact Centre Industry

We are active members of industry bodies supporting our broader community. Key to the industries’ success is the ability to manage volume spikes, innovation needs and contingency planning, including working from home. This keeps customers and staff happy while protecting the business in times of trouble.

We care about you by consulting first

We consult first so the service is right for you. As this service is powered by Customer Science with a core competency of consulting we consult first. We understand business your needs, objectives, brand, values and what success looks like. We use practical consults, professionals and CX technology experts to shape a solution. As a result, we rapidly delivering what is right for you, your business and your customers while doing so within your constraints.

The Team

Todd Gorsuch

Customer Science CEO &
Rapid Response Care Founder

Andrew Carlton

Lead Consultant and Account Manager

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The Customer Science team provides the skills to power Rapid Response Care services. This ensures a team of deeply skilled people are always available.

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