Contact Centre Rapid Deployment

Deploy a contact centre rapidly to manage a surge or emergency requirement.

Use our pre-packaged rapid contact centre deployment service to establish a new contact centre or scale an existing one. Our services include:

> Scale your Existing Contact Centre
> Deploy a New Contact Centre
> Deploy a Work From Home Call Centre
> Support to scale or procure an Outsource Contact Centre (Procurement & Vendor Management)

Ready with Templated Solutions


A ready-skilled pool of contact centre experts and agents.


Proven standard operating procedures rapidly tailored to your needs.


Pre-built technology and vendor partnerships ready to scale.


Deployment in your facilities, our facilities, on the outsourcer site or at home. We can provide advice on the best option to handle your requirements.

> Agents
> Operational Staff
> Project Team
> Specialist Roles

> Easy Setup
> Operating Process
> Rapid Service
> Specialist Process

> Telephony / Chat
> Virtual Hold
> Knowledge Mgmt
> Customer Records
> Other Tools
> Data Mgmt
> Tech Support

> Your Site
> Your Outsourcer
> New Site
> At-Home
> Support


An assigned Manager, accessible 24×7. Regular meetings and reports to enable decision making.

> Account Manager / Project Manager Assigned
> Defined success measures (KPI’s)
> Clear roles and responsibilities
> War room / Daily status and performance review
> Steering Committee guidance
> Real-time reports
> Historical reports

How does it work?

When you contact us, we will assign a Project Manager (centre leader) and Account Manager to you. Your Project Manager will work with you to discuss your contact centre requirements and guide you through a simple online form. Based on your individual needs, a statement of work will be produced to clearly define the scope of work for either a facility based or at home solution (or a combination of both).
The next stages of establishing your service may include:

  1. Workforce Planning: Calculation of headcount requirements and optimal shift patterns
  2. Facilities: Environment configuration
  3. Contact Centre Operations: Definition of processes, procedures and a trigger plan
  4. Resources: Required roles, skills and competencies agreed; recruitment of required roles
  5. Training: Review of existing training and knowledge material to develop a condensed induction plan
  6. Technology: Configuration of technology and telephony
  7. Staff Induction: New hires will be trained on the defined procedures and technology with skill verification prior to launch
  8. Service Simulation: Quality assurance testing will be completed to ensure the service is ready to launch
  9. Launch: Customer contacts routed to the new service
  10. Real time management: Performance review and trigger plan activation
  11. Reporting: Performance evaluation
  12. Post implementation review: continuous improvement and optimisation



Ready skilled contact centre experts and agents.

We bring together a world-class team within hours who will deploy and operate your contact centre. This team can stay and operate the centre or handover to your local team to manage once implemented.

Your people solutions include:


Ready skilled pre-screened agents are available via our recruitment company partnership to allow us to deploy agents within a couple of hours.

Contact Centre Operational Specialists

Employed within the business are award-winning contact centre specialists. They can be rapidly engaged to start services within an hour. These roles include Contact Centre Leaders (500 seats+), Contact Centre Managers (100 seats+), Contact Centre Team Managers, L&D/Training Leaders and Managers, Quality Assurance Leaders and Analysts, Workforce Management and Planning Specialists, Insights Managers and Technology Engineers. Through our extended industry network, we can bring together a large team to support your specific requirements.

Contact Centre Establishment Project Team

We have a team of highly experienced contact centre Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technology experts, Partner/vendor Managers and CIO’s. This team has decades of experience deploying mission-critical contact centres for clients such as Service NSW, SES, ATO, DHS, Anglicare and many more.

Specialist Support Roles

We understand that rapid deploy contact centres may also need access to specialist support roles. You will have access to employee Wellbeing Leaders, Psychologists and Cleaners to ensure staff are healthy and effective. Specialist support roles can be deployed rapidly to meet the specific needs of the deployment and customers.


Backed by Customer Science we have proven award-winning contact centre processes templated and ready to go.

Best Practices & Easy Set-up

To make the deployment of services as easy as possible we have:

  • Account Manager & Project Manager assigned to walk you through the setup
  • Online form to input requirements
  • Service establishment processes (as used in Service NSW and outsourcers)
  • Statement of work to support rapid procurement processes
  • Government panel agreements in place (DTA, NSW, VIC and SA)
  • One-stop shop as a service aggregator with existing partnerships ready to mobilise

Templated Operating Procedures

We have proven operating procedures that will be tailored rapidly to support your needs including:

  • Complete contact centre standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Trigger plan, to manage varying volumes
  • Backlog remediation procedures, to manage backlogs

Rapid process service

We can help to improve efficiency through our rapid process review methodology that can identify non-essential process steps that can be removed or automated.

Specialist Processes

Specialist processes can be added or removed as needed including:

  • Data management, security and privacy assessments
  • Service automation
  • Service deflection & digital transition
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Work Health and Safety, Cleaning and Health specialist activities

Governance, Security and Control

We have an established governance model and protocols to ensure your establishment project will be well managed within defined timelines and scope. This may include daily status review meetings and the establishment of project teams and a steering committee to ensure the project stays on track.

Real time reports along with daily historical reports are available to support decision making with your assigned Account Manager.


Established technology and partners ready to scale. Data remains secure and private.

Your technology includes:

Call Centre Telephony & Contact Routing

With Amazon Connect established we can set up queues within minutes and adjust routing models to suit your requirements.

We also have access to Genesys Purecloud as an alternative solution and other partners who can deal with more complex service requirements.

We have partners who can deal with more complex service requirements.

Virtual Hold

With our partner Virtual Hold , a virtual hold solution can be implemented to optimise staff utilisation and improve the customer experience during peak times.

Knowledge Management

LivePro has kindly provided a rapid ramp up solution for knowledge management to skill, verify and manage knowledge accurately and consistently for all customers.

Service Automation

Automation of services including websites, online forms, robotic process automation and chat solutions can be deployed rapidly that can provide self-service options to customers and allow your workforce to focus on more complex customer enquiries.

CRM Tools (Customer Records)

Customer records can be collected via cloud-based CRM tools including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Other Contact Centre Tools

We are able to deploy cloud-based contact center tools such as and Learning and Development. These tools can be designed into the solution.

We are able to deploy cloud-based contact centre tools such as Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Learning and Development tools.

Data Management

Data management, security, and privacy assessment is part of all deployments to ensure data is managed effectively and any risks are identified and mitigated.


We have on staff a CIO and Contact Centre IT Leader with over 20 years experience and engineers to support your technology needs. We work closely with our technology partners to aggregate a complete contact centre solution to meet your needs.


Flexible facility options to support the most effective solution.

Your facilities can include:

New Facilities – Outsourcer or Partner Capacity / Office Space

Our partners have excess capacity that we can immediately use. We have pre-arranged facilities that can be available within a day.

At-Home Call Centre Facilities

We can advise you on all areas of managing an At-Home Contact Centre including work health and safety, data management and technology.

Your Companies Facilities

We can scale all services from your office facilities assuming you have internet access and the right HR/IT policies.

Facilities Support

Our team includes leaders who have managed and deployed contact centre facilities over the past two decades to over 50 clients.

Vendor Management – Scaling your Outsource

Should you decide to utilise your existing outsource partner to handle contact volume increases, we can support you through the process to ensure service sustainability, consistency and efficiency.

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