Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Centre Solution

Contact centres are recognised spreaders of the coronavirus placing staff, business and the community at risk.

Rapid Response Care is ready for you:

  1. Templated contingency planning
  2. Work from home contact centre solutions
  3. Cloud contact centre technology solutions
  4. Ready skilled and assessed workforce
  5. Contact centre SME roles
  6. Scale service
  7. Data security and privacy management
  8. Governance and reporting

Practical Contact Centre Action

We deliver a practical plan to manage the continuity of services unique to coronavirus. Work from home call centre, workload splicing and bringing together contact centre staff, technology, and operational solutions in rapid time.

Coronavirus Top Contact Centre Challenges

The key challenges call centres are managing with Coronavirus are listed below and supported by the news beneath with real examples.

  • Safety of staff & risk of spread to the community:
    Reuters reported a contact centre as a primary source of spreading the coronavirus, creating organisational and community risk. Contact centres are often critical to the profitability and viability of organisations.
  • Company Viability to retain jobs:
    Contact centres are critical to company viability and jobs. A large Australian Telco recently reported non-essential staff will be working from home but excluded their contact centre staff from this group.
  • Volume Surge:
    Contact centre volumes are increasing, extending customer wait times and placing them under pressure.
  • Outages:
    Large contact centre outsourcers are now forced to close operations due to individuals contracting the virus in their centre.
  • Absenteeism spikes & staff availability:
    Large contact centre outsourcers are now forced to close operations due to individuals contracting the virus in their centre.
  • Australian contact centres are underprepared:
    Many contact centres are underprepared, without a contingency plan for a pandemic or solutions in place for isolation, with only 16% of Australian organisations utilising work from home models.
  • Post coronavirus demand
    Post previous viruses postponed product purchases, projects and services demand will spike. This will lead to a shortage of skilled staff to meet these needs. There is often a lead time to scale back up so a plan needs to be in place to manage this or face under-resourcing and poor experiences.


Covid-19 Stats and Links
Covid-19 Stats and Links

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Philippines Offshore Contact Centres Closing.
Philippines Offshore Contact Centres Closing.

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Covid-19 Meat Raffle
Covid-19 Meat Raffle

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Covid-19 leads to Call Centres Closing
Covid-19 leads to Call Centres Closing

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Workforce Moving to Teleservices
Workforce Moving to Teleservices

As face to face jobs reduce, these activities will shift to new contact centre services that do not require personal contact. Post pandemic, while customer habits will have changed to accept many of t…

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