Work At Home Contact Centre Technology Platform

Rapidly deploy your Work from Home Call Centre Technology Platform. Within a day have a complete services platform set up so staff can handle enquiries and managers can manage services. Use the platform to scale to thousands of staff as needed and scale down just as rapidly. Use a platform with embedded best practices.


The solution is available to be deployed in two options, either as:

  1. Fully managed service or,
  2. Customer managed service
Service Fully Managed Customer Managed
At home requirements, including home technology, work health safety setup and data security assessment.
Provision of Rapid Response Work from home Tenant
Inbound/Outbound Telephony
Setup of call flows
Configuration of queue variable (Messaging, hours of operation and variables)
Standard Reporting
Online Chat
Call Recording (Basic)
Ongoing Management
Plug-in Optional Services    
Setup – tailored configuration & training materials
Workforce Management
Advanced Call Recording
Knowledge Management includes skill verification and smart calculators.
Social/Communications Platform
At Home Readiness Assessment includes work from home safety check and data security and privacy documents and check. Risk assessment and recommendations.
= Provided
M = Customer Science install, configure, test and manage technology
S = Customer Science install and configure and then handed over to the client who will own and manage technology
O = Optional additional technology that can be added

Fully Managed

Fully managed is for you if you wish to have your infrastructure installed, configured, tested and managed by us. You have the complete system ready to use so they can focus on content and running the business. In this model existing roles in the business continue to operate as normal without the need to disrupt the IT teams. While not included in this service, additional contact centre services are available on request such as knowledge management, workforce management, quality assurance and others should this be a requirement.

Customer Managed Options

For customers who wish to own the infrastructure that the platform is deployed on, Customer Science will setup the initial platform. The customer will be required to provide access to their Amazon AWS account. All core infrastructure will be commissioned on the customer’s AWS instance. The customer will also be responsible for engaging with Amazon to increase service limits if required (i.e. requesting more phone numbers, increases in concurrent agents etc.).


The platform comes with initial limits for the service to enable rapid deployment, once deployed these are increased with our partners to support large scale operations. The initial limits are 10 concurrent calls, 100 chat sessions and 5 inbound phone numbers. The platform is the same as Amazon’s own 70,000+ seat global contact centres and therefore will support customers as they grow and need to rapidly scale.


  1. What countries are available?
    1. Agents can login from any country, inbound telephony ingress points are available in Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.
  2. What technology is in the technology stack that could be included for at home contact centres?
    1. Amazon Connect – Telephony/routing/reporting/Chat
    1. Verint – QA/Workforce Management
    1. LivePro – Knowledge Management, Training & Skill Verification
    1. Facebook – Social/Sharing Facebook group – private (free solution)
  3. Where are the other call centre tools?
    1. We have initially kept the solution lean and easy to use for at-home purposes. This solution provides all the core tools to deliver contact centre solution, assuming the organisation’s CRM is used. Additional tools can plug into this system with configuration. 
  4. Does this work for large contact centres?
    1. Yes, it is scalable. We provide a more detailed review for 500+ seats as typically these require specific configure.


Pricing is built with:

  1. Core service: including a small upfront setup fee to configure and then a utility fee to cover the consumption of telephony, data and support resources.
  2. Optional services: can be added easily increasing the utility rate as features are added or for sophisticated configuration a fixed deliverable rate or time and materials is available.

    As a scalable cloud service, there are a number of pricing elements that are taken into consideration, including the type of inbound call (DID or Toll Free), the number of voice calls and chat sessions, along with how many calls are recorded. The pricing can be built for your needs in hours with our pricing calculators. Please contact us for details as we are happy to provide a quote.

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