Work from Home Call Centre

Taking care to rapidly implement a work from home call centre that is safe and effective can help organisations at many levels. Helping with emergency situations, providing flexibility for our workforce, with a lower cost to serve and helping to improve employee motivation. It is not for the faint-hearted as it requires Work Health Safety compliance, insurance cover, the right people, effective work practices and technology.

Call centre technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. Cloud-based technology can now be implemented within hours. Examples include:

  • Telephony: Geneysis PureCloud & AmazonConnect
  • Knowledge: LivePro & Sharepoint
  • Office: MS Office 365
  • CRM: Salesforce & MS Dynamics
  • Others: WFM, QA and other standard tools are now available
  • Automation: Call back, routing, chat, robotic process automation, and many others are available now and quickly added to existing cloud tools without the traditional complexity.
  • VPN & Network access to share tools which can be presented using MS Terminal Services or Citrix if needed.

Technology is only as good as:

  • Access: ensuring there is effective at home network access and access back to office tools if necessary.
  • Security: securing data is a critical step with ready assessments that can be deployed rapidly.
  • Privacy: ensuring data is kept private and practices are in place at home to avoid personal information being unnecessarily and security captured or collected.
  • Data Management: how to best manage data when at home to ensure it is accessible and accurate.



Rapidly deploying great people has been done for many years in the contact centre industry. We recommend you connect to your recruitment supplier or connect with us to manage this for you.

Bringing people into an at home contact centre requires existing competency, great training, excellent quality assurance, access to the right knowledge and reporting, and effective personal coaching/management.

Best practices in these areas are not always easy to apply and particularly in an at-home-work environment. We have ready-built capabilities and subject matter experts available to bring these requirements together in hours.

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